Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Juchheim – A Jewel Like No Other

About a week ago I went down to Juchheim for some delicious Baumkuchen, a popular type of dessert in Japan!

The Japanese do cakes the way I love them – quality ingredients, light yet flavourful without being too overpowering, and filled with so much effort. Juchheim is one of the brands I’ve always known, particularly for their Baumkuchen, which is essentially a type of cake.

Juchheim recently launched their new Jewellery Baum and Lucky Cat (Manekineko) Baum.
Jewellery Baum is their new launch that resembles real jewellery, making it perfect as gifts for loved ones, especially on special occasions. Just look at them!
The jelly and fruit add a very nice refreshing twist to the original cake, and I love fruit-based desserts! If you’re afraid that the original cake is too sweet, you can try this version. It’s smaller in size and easy to eat – perfect for a party or gathering with family and friends.

 Jewellery Baum, $3 each
5 flavours: Berries, Orange, Matcha, Coffee and Mango

They’ve also launched the Lucky Cat (Manekineko) Baum, which is the ultimate respresentation of luck! Inspired by the lucky number eight, it has eight layers; it even comes with a fortune cat cookie at the top - can’t get more auspicious than that! Definitely appropriate for family gatherings or to wish loved ones good luck on a special occasion.

Lucky Cat (Manekineko) Baum, $23.80
 Watching how the cakes are made, I’m really impressed by Juccheim’s promise for quality. They’re very detailed in the preparation of the desserts and I’m sure they adhere to this very strongly, because they have a glass kitchen where everyone can see them! The cake itself is very soft, and not overly sweet.

I’m a happy girl after all these goodies from Juchheim!

Juchheim is located at Takashimaya Food Hall B2

Friday, 2 December 2016

To the scalp experts at Beijing101! #sp

Made a trip down to Beijing 101 last week and I must say that it was definitely a great experience filled with surprises!

My hair used to be pretty soft and smooth, but due to dyeing, bleaching, lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet and a hectic lifestyle, my hair’s condition has worsened. People think that just going for typical hair treatments at salons would work but the truth is you always have to target a problem at its roots (literally in this case, haha) so we should not neglect our scalp! Highly recommend regular detoxifying of the scalp and maintenance of its cleanliness, because this is the key to healthy and lustrous hair! And that’s something we all want.

Before I went, I actually had the impression that Beijing101 was old-fashioned, but was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience because of the nice ambience and the service was excellent!

It started with a 1-to-1 consultation to understand my scalp and hair better, where the consultant asked me a series of questions related to lifestyle, health and hair issues. She then proceeded with a scalp scan which helps to examine the scalp and hair roots better, so she can recommend the best treatment for me.

Through this, I’ve managed to learn so much about my scalp’s health and how my lifestyle could actually affect my scalp and thus, my hair too. I live a pretty hectic lifestyle, trying to have a work life balance – so I end up sleeping pretty little and can feel pretty tired at times. I thought that my scalp was in good conditions, but after this consultation I realized that there were many small issues with my scalp I never knew existed. For example, did you know that insufficient rest could cause our scalp to suffer from unbalanced oil secretion, resulting in excessive sebum on our scalp? Eeeeeeks it sounds gross to me.

After concluding that my scalp is on the oily side and some of my hair pores are clogged (which means less opportunity for new hair to grow oh no!!), she recommended me to go for the Deep Cleansing Scalp Mask, which is meant to eliminate toxins built up in our scalp due to hair dyeing, air pollution, unhealthy diets, lifestyle and insufficient rest.

I was directed to another room where hair treatments carried out and it was really nice and cozy:

MASK TIME!! (a sad face because I found out about my gross scalp)

Honestly the mask was just shiok (for the lack of a better word that can accurately describe how good the mask felt) because it had this cooling sensation and that’s just heavenly for weather like ours. Left it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off and guys, the hair wash here is on a whole new level!! BEST head massage I ever had while getting my hair washed by someone else. They used herbal hair products to wash my hair and I think the combination of this with the massage was amazing. Also learnt some hair washing techniques to keep my scalp clean and healthy ^^

Very happy me right there!

Next, the Nourishing Lotion, a hair tonic, was applied onto my scalp in order to help strengthen my hair and encourage healthy hair follicles. This felt really cooling and soothing too.

I’m one step closer to healthy shiny hair!

After the tonic, went on to the Meridien Herbal Treatment, which is a TCM-based massage to target eight main acupressure points to help de-stress and relieve tension in the body so that your overall well being is improved. The treatment is mainly a scalp and head massage and you get to choose from four different types of massages, depending on your needs. I chose the one for tension because I sit at my desk, in front of my laptop for eight to ten hours everyday so my shoulders always feel so stiff, and this one had a shoulder massage. The other three treatments are for overall well being, stress and sleeping disorder.

I’m a huge sucker for massages so the Meridian Herbal Treatment was definitely my favourite part during my time at Beijing101.

After the massage they put the Vitalizing Gliss on my hair ends to repair and nourish my hair while creating a protective layer to prevent external changes. Smelled really nice!

Got my hair blown and went back to the consultation room to take a second look at my scalp and to conclude the session with some tips on how I can keep my scalp healthy. My scalp was so much cleaner after the treatments! Here’s a before and after:

Before: clogged pores, layer of sebum

After: unclogged pores, clean scalp

My hair was so shiny after the treatment and I dare say that after 2 weeks it’s still much better than it was before the treatment. I had a really enjoyable time, especially because of the very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and not to mention skilled people there. Thank you Beijing101 for giving my hair some new life!

Check out their website at http://www.beijing101hair.com/ for more information and sign up for your free hair consultation with a scalp analysis here! #Beijing101

Friday, 31 July 2015

#sp – My Black Shop soaps review!!

Recently I tried out some natural handmade soaps from My Black Shop, which are the Slimming and Bust-Up Soap, which seriously work!! I love them a lot.

At first I wasn’t convinced that soap could change my body in a week, but it definitely proved me wrong. After two weeks of religiously using the soaps once a day, I lost 0.75 inch at the waist:

And my chest measurement increased by an inch!

First up, the slimming soap!!

How the Slimming Soap works is that it accelerates blood circulation and promotes metabolism for a slimming and toning effect.

For the Bust-Up Soap, the papaya extract and rose oil it contains helps to stimulate the endocrine supplement resulting in breast enhancement. Speaking of ingredients, the soaps smell so heavenly! That’s a major plus for me - it’s like having a spa when I take a bath.

For extra significant results, it is important to use the soap twice a day and follow the massage instructions for the Slimming and the Bust-Up (see below) Soap. I used the soaps once a day only (but did the massages accordingly), yet I still saw results.


My Black Shop has also launched their new Whitening Soap that can help prevent the face from acne and pimples and to lighten scars and dark spots on the face or any other part of the body. It contains rice milk and coconut oil, which makes it smell so good!

Check out the soap - you can actually see the rice grains!



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I’ll be doing a giveaway on Instagram so look out for that! Additionally, if you’d like to purchase the soaps, quote “valerie” for 10% off your entire purchase. For instructions on how to use the discount code, click here. It will be valid until 6 September 2015.


August is My Black Shop’s birthday month and in celebration of this special occasion, they are giving out a sure-win scratch card to each customer who makes a purchase with them in August.



For SG50, My Black Shop has collaborated with Shopee from 3 to 10 August 2015 and will be having a STOREWIDE 30% discount on their Shopee store. (*No discount code is needed as all items will be set at 30% off)

Besides that, you can get an additional discount when you apply these discount codes:

Note that both the yellow and red discount coupon is valid only till 31 August 2015, and the green discount coupon will be generated for you as long as you are a first-time shopper on Shopee and making your first purchase. The green coupon is for one-time use only and will expire once you have used it.

To enjoy these great discount off My Black Shop’s soaps products and selected nails products on Shopee, all you need to do is download the Shopee application which can be found here. Then shop and purchase from My Black Shop here or look for the shop via the search bar with the search term "MyBlackShop".


Remember to like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram account for latest promotions and updates!

And sign up for their mailing list here!

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

USA // NY 9.2 - Out and about in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Trench Coat from FASH MOB

We were stuffed from our meal but I insisted on heading to Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop because I saw good ratings on Yelp. I don't know if I got the wrong donut, but my toasted coconut donut (forgot if that was the exact name) was way too creamy and buttery. I should have gone for the classic glazed donut instead. Anyway, if you're interested in checking it out, I heard the honey dipped, old fashion cruller, apple crumb and red velvet are good. I must mention, though, that I think Dough's donuts win Peter Pan's hands down.

After my very unsatsifying donut, we walked towards Bedford Avenue, where you'll find many vintage shops and other clothing stores like Ugly Luggage (antique furniture and houseware) and In God We Trust (a casualwear New York label selling apparel, jewellery and accessories. I love the jewellery here!). There's also Mast Brothers Chocolate, a chocolatier with innovative flavours like Maple. We got Stumptown Coffee, which didn't taste like much at first, but was better towards the end. Not really my thing though and I prefer Awfully Chocolate for the price. If you're into coffee, try Blue Bottle Coffee! It's pretty famous. I didn't try it because I had been having too much coffee so I opted for a smoothie from Juice Press instead. My absolute favourite smoothie chain in New York.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
727 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
b/t Meserole Ave & Norman Ave

Mast Brothers Chocolate
111 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Williamsburg - North Side

Blue Bottle Coffee
160 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
b/t 6th St & 5th St
Williamsburg - North Side

Other places you might wanna check out:

BeeHive Oven Biscuit Cafe
182 S 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
b/t Driggs Ave & Roebling St
Williamsburg - South Side

Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop
126 Nassau Ave
Greenpoint, NY 11222
b/t Eckford St & Mc Guinness Blvd

Monday, 1 June 2015

USA // New York 9.1 - Brooklyn Brunchin'

How Javin looks when he drinks his drink
 vs how I look when I drink mine
 One of the best dishes I had in New York!
 Brunch with a view ;)
The weather seemed warmer so we headed out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn to explore Williamsburg. Finally!! Javin was really excited about this place because we heard that there were a lot of menswear stores there. It's also known to be upcoming, hip, indie etc etc.

We started off with brunch at Fives Leaves (not Four Leaves ah Singaporeans this is upgraded hahaha), which turned out to be one of the best meals I had in New York. It's a bit of a walk from the station but it was worth it! From the outside it didn't seem like much, but when we entered, we were greeted with chatter and a lively ambience. Woody elements with lots of light made the place feel very comfortable. As we were shown our way to our table, I couldn't help gawking at everyone's food! Everything looked so delicious.

We got truffle fries, mushroom toast and ricotta pancakes to share. The truffle fries and ricotta pancakes were highly raved about on Yelp but the star of the meal for me was the mushroom toast! Oh I wish I could have it now. The gravy reminds me of ikea's meatball gravy.

Five Leaves
18 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
b/t Nassau Ave & Lorimer St


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